Expropriation initiative celebrates success: the majority of Berliners vote for socialization

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Berlin, 27.9.21

The referendum initiative „Expropriate Deutsche Wohnen & Co.“ has won a majority – 1,034,709 Berliners voted in favour of the referendum to socialize giant for-profit corporate landlords. Thousands of activists celebrated the winning vote for a housing policy that works for the common good in Berlin. DWE calls upon the future Berlin Senate to draft a law to expropriate and socialize large housing corporations with more than 3,000 apartments in Berlin. More than 240,000 apartments are to be managed by an institution under public law for the common good.

„Together we have moved the city and shaken up politics – we are celebrating that today. We have several thousand active members and organisational structures in each district. We have taken on powerful opponents and won. We will now continue the work towards implementation of the referendum results“ says Joanna Kusiak, spokesperson for the initiative.

„No matter in which composition – the future government coalition will have to bring about the socialization of housing corporations. The demand for socialization unites far more voices behind it than any of the parties. More than 1 million Berliners have decided: Nobody will speculate with our homes“ continues Joanna Kusiak.

The initiative announces that it will accompany the coming coalition negotiations closely: We accept neither delay strategies, nor interception attempts. We are aware of all the tricks. Disregarding the referendum would be a political scandal. We will not give up until the socialization of housing corporations is a reality,“ says Kalle Kunkel, spokesman for the initiative.

In May of this year, the initiative already submitted a draft for the socialization law, which was prepared by expert lawyers. This draft is ready for implementation. The legal admissibility of socialization has been confirmed by seven independent expert opinions, ordered among others by the scientific services of the Bundestag and the House of Representatives.

For all questions, please contact:


The initiative invites you to the press conference

Monday, 27.9.2021 at 1 p.m.

REFUGIO, Lenaustr. 3-4, 12047 Berlin

Since participation is limited, we ask for registration to the above mail address.

The 3-G rule applies.

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