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We need your help: fight the real estate giants with small donations

50,000 euros for the referendum on 26th September

Donate per bank transfer:

Mietenvolksentscheid e.V.
IBAN: DE10430609671179127400
GLS Bank
Verwendungszweck: DWe

We’ve got the signatures: now comes the referendum.

The real estate industry may not have logic on their side, but they have one thing: money. In contrast, we are unpaid volunteers, and depend on every donation you make. Our most important asset is that we are many!

Every donation helps: to raise our visibility, to organise the campaign, and to keep our neighbourhood teams stocked with printed materials, so that we can reach out to all Berliners.

Here are a few examples of how your donations can help:

  • For 20 euros, we can print 1000 flyers
  • For 50 euros, we can get brochures printed
  • For 100 euros, we can reach a 5 figure audience through social media placements
  • For 500 euros, we can advertise on the radio
  • For 1000 euros, our neighbourhood teams can embellish the city with posters
  • For 3000 euros, you can see us on the Berliner Fenster
  • For 5000 euros and more, we can advertise on Berlin billboards

Your donation counts towards keeping Berlin our home!

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